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Every project has a deadline. When your in-house engineering team is working beyond capacity to bring your next product to market on time, our design expertise can be a tremendous asset to your project manager. We bring to the table numerous general and specialized engineering skills to relieve your staff engineers and allow them to focus on meeting the design specifications and finalizing testing.

We have worked with the design teams of world-class companies to provide expertise in cutting-edge technologies, or even to perform traditional board layout operations. In every case, our work is fully documented and coordinated by your project manager or Director of Engineering to integrate seamlessly into your in-house engineering efforts. On some occasions we have been asked to provide the hardware solution so that in-house engineers can maximize their time developing software and firmware. Other occasions have found us developing firmware for microcontroller hardware designed by the in-house team. Still other occasions have had us working as 'part of the team', helping to solve complex circuit design, firmware coding, or debugging challenges.

In-house engineering teams typically become intimately familiar with their company's particular products. This knowledge is invaluable, and we could never claim to be experts in every one of our client's circuit designs right from the start. However, because we work with new technologies daily, we can bring into play on your behalf cost-saving technologies that your in-house engineers may not have had opportunity to be trained and experienced in. Oftentimes this allows our clients to have the competitive edge incorporated into their product to gain lower per-unit cost, enhanced product functionality, and the real-world reliability required to establish a good name for your company and products.

We've been told that we're easy to work with, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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Todd Peterson, Senior R&D Engineer
Carefree Industrial Park
1600 North 291 Hwy, Suite 140 E
Independence, MO, 64058
Phone: 816.257.9954
Fax: 816.257.9945
Email: toddp@elabinc.com

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