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Most people involved in electronics circuit design are quite aware of the usefulness and capabilities of the microcontroller. This low-cost device has allowed for tremendous advances in both consumer and industrial products over the past 20 years. They're a staple of our engineering efforts here at eLab, and we continue to applaud ongoing enhancements to these ubiquitous integrated circuits.

However, fewer people are aware of a more recent advancement in integrated circuit technology, the Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA. The FPGA is a highly configurable array of logic gates that can be dynamically reconfigured to implement functionality traditionally out of reach for microcontrollers due to speed or complexity requirements. FPGA's have sparked the development of a tremendous library of reuseable routines, or Intellectual Property (IP), that can be an tremendous aid in decreasing a product's time to market and removing cost from a circuit board.

At eLab, we're experts in microcontroller and FPGA circuit engineering. Our years of experience have shown us when to use each for maximum effectiveness, and we would be happy to discuss their incorporation into your next product design.

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Many companies develop only one product a year and consequently cannot justify a full time engineering team and specialized design equipment. E-Lab brings this to them in an affordable fashion. We specialize in leading edge technology to help our clients gain the cost and functionality advantage. We produce fully documented designs that are owned by the client upon completion. In addition, we can provide manufacturing services to help the client flow seamlessly from design to production.

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