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As underscored by our name, we’re Digital Engineering experts. Over the last two decades, digital engineering has been the realm of the microprocessor and microcontroller – essentially, miniature computers running a dedicated program inside a product to implement the required product functionality. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the microcontroller-based product design arena, and we continue to produce great circuitry for our client’s products based on both tried-and-true as well as next-generation microcontrollers. We’ve developed libraries of microcontroller firmware for interfacing to devices such as LCD screens, membrane keypads, sensors – you name it, and we can put those years of experience to work on your project. Microcontroller firmware that we develop for you is typically written in the C language for longevity, well documented for long-term maintainability, and owned by you on completion of the design for maximum flexibility.

In recent years, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices have entered the design arena, bringing to advanced design engineers the capability of creating custom logic IC’s without the expense and delay of implementing the functionality through a custom silicon layout. Because circuitry created inside an FPGA operates many times faster than software running inside a microcontroller, many new avenues are opened. Oftentimes, an FPGA is used to create a custom, high-speed interface between a new type of sensor or actuator and the main microcontroller. Alternately, FPGA’s can be utilized to accelerate portions of a time-consuming algorithm to speed data processing in real-time applications. Also, FPGA’s can be utilized to replace the traditional handful of logic chips found on a circuit board – reducing into one component what was done in many. This not only reduces the physical PCB footprint, it often saves cost and provides a tactical marketing advantage.

We have close relationships with several leading microcontroller and FPGA vendors to maintain expertise with a variety of digital control circuitry. We enjoy speaking with customers who are looking for enhanced functionality, such as web-enabling their product, and telling them that we don’t need to re-invent the wheel because freely available microcontroller or FPGA routines exist for their needs. We succeed by helping YOU succeed!

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