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Since many of our clients are having us create electronic circuitry for a product intended for market, it must be manufactured in volume. Because you, the client, own all design files upon completion of a design, you are free to have your product manufactured by any company of your choosing. Some of our clients have opted to have eLab’s manufacturing division produce their product. Doing so, they say, helps alleviate any potential problems between design and manufacturing. Others choose to manufacture their circuitry and product in-house, or through a 3rd-party manufacturing house. This is fine as well, and we are happy to support your efforts no matter where or how your design is manufactured.

Of particular interest to some clients, particularly those with legacy products that continue to be good sales performers, is that of Product Re-Design. Re-Design of a product is done for several reasons, among which are the integration of modern, cost-saving electronic components as well as the elimination of hard-to-find components which have become difficult Bill of Materials items to source. Oftentimes, additional functionality is added at the time of product re-design, though some clients choose to keep functionality the same, going only for a reduced-cost Bill of Materials as well as removal of the hard-to-find components.

On a product re-design, we often find that the product has been in manufacture for so many years that the original circuit designer or schematics are not to be found, or that the source code for the microcontroller is unavailable or poorly documented. We can usually handle a lack of schematics by studying the existing product circuitry to gain an understanding of its functionality, and then re-creating that functionality using low cost modern components. Missing firmware is typically handled by documenting your product’s operation and writing new firmware for a modern microcontroller to replicate functionality. Once complete, you will again have full control over your product’s layout and design, and be able to add functionality and diagnose any field performance issues with confidence. If your design still has an 8088 microprocessor (or even vacuum tubes), give us a ring!

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